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Free Website Hosting

With FreeHostia's server cluster hosting platform you will experience unmatched performance and good uptime. FreeHostia is definitely the best choice if you are searching for a reliable free hosting service.

Free Linux Hosting

If you want a free web hosting company, which could deliver excellent performance and many features, you should definitely choose The free Chocolate plan allows you to host up to 5 domains. There are affordable upgrade options.

Free Xoops Hosting

One of the many content management systems that you can choose from today is XOOPS. It is a free open-source web application based on PHP, which you can host free with FreeHostia. FreeHostia's free web hosting plan is optimized for XOOPS and installing XOOPS at FreeHostia is as easy as it could be.

Free Perl Hosting

If your website needs Perl or CGI support and you are looking for a free or low-cost hosting solution, then you are in luck. You can host your CGI scripts and you can be sure that all necessary Perl modules would be available with the free hosting plan offered by

Best Free Hosting

If you like the free hosting service there is a chance that you would upgrade to get more disk space or more features and this is what FreeHostia relies on – that you will be impressed with the free hosting service!

Excellent Free Web Hosting Company

The free web hosting package allows you to host up to 5 websites. There are low-cost premium web hosting plans as well.